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About Action Foundation

The Action Foundation for Social Services has been established to plan, design, implement and catalyze interventions based on research and analysis, and to provide, develop and promote facilities for carrying on research in related areas, in all systems and disciplines of social services, keeping in view the socio-economic needs and development of the community.

AFSS has a proven track record over the last decade in initiating, promoting and advocating support in service delivery, primarily related to Health and Education as also to establish and/or partnering with organizations for the discovery, improvement or development of service delivery in the field of social services. We have also been pioneers in the monitoring and evaluation of such interventions. Our initiatives gain strength and scale by using digital tools to enhance our impact. 


AFSS was the technical and implementation partner for Deworm the World (DTW) from 2010 to 2016.  In this capacity AFSS, researchers undertook research and analysis in several Indian states including Rajasthan, Bihar and Delhi. This analysis led to a framework for implementation including Government partnerships in these states.  The scope for this implementation included analysis of worm load, pathways for procurement of medicines, training of the implementers and implementation of the programme through schools.   

AFSS has undertaken research and analysis related to teacher presence in classes in the erstwhile state of Andhra Pradesh. In Hyderabad, 1000 schools were identified to institute a GPS/GPRS system and create a dashboard that would enable BEOs to assign para-teachers to schools where teachers were not present on a daily basis.

Focus Areas


To undertake improvement and development of Social Services for which purposes to design and implement interventions based on research and analysis, and to develop and promote research facilities for carrying on research.


To design, implement schemes, projects and programmes for advancement in the field of Social Services in the various States of India by collaborating with the Government and organizations both domestic and international.


To promote, conduct, organize, support, and work towards social development and the general welfare of the society through the strengthening of cooperation and partnerships with all stakeholders including the community.

Partners and Donors


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